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      The chemical industry has created unprecedented wealth for human beings, and has met people's higher and higher production and living requirements. At the same time, the natural environment is the basis of human survival, and our development should not be at the expense of the environment.
      Belite chemical adheres to the environmental protection concept of "harmonious coexistence with nature" and realizes the joint development and utilization of new technologies through technical exchanges with international experts. In order to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise, we should strive to improve the utilization rate of energy, highlight the scale economic effect, create resource-saving, environment-friendly and safe production enterprises, and build a green chemical production group.

Safety Green Innovation and Responsibility

安全     绿色    创新    责任

  Environment safety focus, sustainable development


  In the future, the company will continue to expand the industrial chain, give full play to the advantages of production factors such as resources, funds, technology and talents, promote technological innovation and product quality improvement of the whole cyanamide industry, and establish the world leading image of cyanamide products. We look forward to working with you to create brilliance.