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  Talent concept
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  Belite group attaches great importance to team building, multi-channel introduction and training of talents, to provide a strong guarantee for enterprises in an invincible position in the fierce competition.


  Management philosophy

  Take talents as the core, culture as the guide, emotion as the basis and trust as the premise

  Development concept

  Improve service with innovation, train talents with service and promote development with talents.

  Core values

  We firmly believe in the idea of spiritual creation of material. As long as we work together, create together and have new energy together, we can achieve self transcendence and value transmission



  Belite's view of employing people: Taking virtue as the first, combining virtue with ability


Virtue is moral character and cultivation, including integrity, kindness, sincerity, and a strong sense of responsibility, enterprise and career. Sima Guang said: the way to get a scholar should be based on morality first, followed by politics, followed by art and energy. Confucius taught us: first of all, we should aim at Tao, according to virtue, according to benevolence, and finally, we should swim in art. Those who have talent and no virtue are villains, those who have virtue and no talent are sages, those who have talent and no virtue are useless, and those who have virtue and talent are gentlemen.