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贝利特】Brand interpretation

 The concept of enterprise credit       

The pursuit of national feelings

特    Outstandingquality                 

The concept of enterprise integrity, the pursuit of national sentiment and extraordinary and outstanding quality
We should keep to the principle of innovation, harmony and symbiosis, accumulate wisdom, be brave and persevering, and build a brand worthy of respect;
We are committed to building a world-class cyanamide Industrial Park and a sustainable development modern enterprise group, and become the leader of the subdivided industry.

Vision: to build a world-class cyanamide industry ecosystem and a globally competitive supplier of intermediates and raw drugs
Mission: create value for the society, create profit for the enterprise and let the employees realize their dreams
Values: to offer customers with high quality products, to motivate employees with value, to repay the society with benefits
Enterprise spirit: self-improvement, tenacious struggle, overcoming difficulties and striving for first class
Management concept: combat power like the army, learning power like the school, and cohesion like the family
Business philosophy: safety first, integrity first, standardized management, innovative development
Quality policy: leading by science and technology, continuous improvement, quality first, customer satisfaction
Safety production policy: safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management and Prevention
Quality and environment policy of Chemical Co., Ltd.: improve product quality, establish corporate image, pay attention to environmental safety and take the road of sustainable development