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Quality policy and objective release order
Quality policy of the company:
Technology leading, continuous improvement, quality first, customer satisfaction
Science and technology leader: actively research and apply advanced science and technology, which is the source of enterprise development;
Continuous improvement: firmly establish the idea that development is the fundamental principle, constantly improve work, constantly improve products, vigorously promote management innovation and technological innovation, and open up a greater living space for enterprises;
Quality first: quality is the life of an enterprise, the quality concept that all employees of the company should establish, and the basis for the company to keep its quality commitment;
Customer satisfaction: all activities carried out by the company are customer-centered, maintain effective communication with customers, and ultimately achieve the maximum satisfaction of customers.


  Quality objectives of the company:
1. One time inspection qualification rate of dicyandiamide products ≥ 95%;
2. The qualified rate of guanidine nitrate product in one inspection is ≥ 95%;
3. The first pass rate of nitroguanidine products is ≥ 95%;
4. The qualified rate of imidazolam products in one test is ≥ 95%;
5. The first inspection qualification rate of oxadiazine products ≥ 95%;
6. The first pass rate of n-methylnitroguanidine product is ≥ 95%;
7. The contract performance rate is 100%;
8. Customer satisfaction ≥ 98%.
The company undertakes:
Lead all employees to implement the quality management manual, achieve the company's quality policies and objectives, focus on customers, continuously enhance customer satisfaction, involve all employees, and continuously improve product quality and quality management system; ensure to provide customers with satisfactory products and dedicated services, and assume due social responsibility.
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