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Ningxia Belite Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2014, Ningxia belite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has a total assets of 180 million yuan, an area of 200 mu, 196 employees, 5 production workshops and 3 auxiliary workshops under the company. According to the direction of national industrial planning and policy guidance, relying on Ningxia's unique raw material resources and regional industrial clusters and other advantages, the company continues to lead the development of cyanamide chemical industry The cyanamide industry processing base promotes the integration of cyanamide industry, and eventually becomes the leading enterprise of cyanamide industry.
Ningxia belite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is based on the layout of the whole industrial chain of the company, based on the integration of R & D, production, processing and sales. At present, it forms a circular economic industrial chain with six series of downstream products of cyanamide as the leading industry. It has 20000 t / a guanidine nitrate, 15000 T / a nitroguanidine, 10000 t / a cyanoguanidine, 5000 t / a imidazolidine, 5000 t / a N-methyl nitroguanidine and 5000 t / a oxadiazine. The downstream products of cyanamide produced by the company increased by double digits for two consecutive years.
Ningxia belite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based, export-oriented private enterprise, which employs the industry's top experts and think tanks, regularly realizes management and technical guidance, realizes DCS automatic control and lean management, and ensures the safety, environmental protection, quality, cost and continuous and stable inspection data of production and operation. The company gathers the first-class R & D team in the industry to concentrate on the improvement and technological innovation of cyanamide products, to meet the market demand of medicine, pesticide, printing and dyeing, steel, environmental protection and other application fields with a constantly rich product portfolio, successively applies for 2 national patents, develops and constructs 6 new downstream products of cyanamide, all of which are up to the standard and put into production.
The company has realized the talent cultivation project of combining production, learning and research, formed a scale with Tsinghua University, Tianjin University and East China University of science and technology in technical cooperation, talent cultivation and other fields, and developed and established a talent echelon in line with the rapid development needs of the enterprise through internal training, talent introduction and other forms.
The company pays attention to the introduction of advanced management tools and systems, forms the supply chain management mode with ERP as the tool, and comprehensively implements the ISO9001 quality system, which ensures the satisfaction of customer needs and the traceability of products, and wins the trust of domestic high-end well-known listed enterprises such as Changqing agrochemical and Yanglong chemical.
Ningxia, as an inland open economic pilot area, plays an important role in the industry opportunities for the Sino Arab Expo and the important nodes in the strategic plan of "one belt and one road". The company has been recognized and appreciated by leaders at all levels, such as the autonomous region and Shizuishan City, and has played a leading and exemplary role in the industry. The company's deep processing project of cyanamide downstream products is a key project supported by the 13th five year plan determined by the people's Government of the autonomous region. Belite will take advantage of the integration of the two trends and the Internet to integrate the benign development of the world cyanamide industry and build the world Grade I cyanamide industry R & D and processing enterprises.
In the future, belite will continue to expand the industrial chain with the potential of Haina, give full play to the advantages of resources, funds, technology, talents and other production factors, drive the technological innovation and product quality level of the whole cyanamide industry, gradually sort out the leading image of the world cyanamide products, and we expect to work with you to create brilliant future.