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The company holds the president"s office meeting to study and deploy the work safety management


In order to learn from the "3.21" production safety accident lesson of Jiangsu Yancheng tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd., further strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, comprehensively improve the safety production awareness of all employees of the company, and effectively do a good job in the company's annual safety production work, the company organized and held a special meeting on warning education of production safety accidents and safety production management in the afternoon of March 22, The meeting was presided over by Li Yuzhong, chairman of the company, and attended by all senior executives of the company, management of the two subsidiaries, heads of departments of the joint stock company and subsidiaries, and workshop directors.


Before the meeting, Zhang Xingyu, vice president of work safety of the company, organized all participants to watch the scene video of "3.21" work safety accident of Jiangsu Yancheng tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd., and put forward specific requirements for the work safety of the company. Everyone is required to deeply learn the lessons of "3.21" tianjiayi chemical explosion accident, and carry out a new round of safety hazard investigation, treatment and risk throughout the company Identify the management and control work, formulate special inspection plan, carry out netting type troubleshooting for each workshop of the two subsidiaries, and thoroughly fire safety hazards. At the same time, strengthen the safety training and education of front-line posts, especially grass-roots employees, so that employees can learn and master the risk factor identification, emergency measures and relevant knowledge and measures of hidden danger investigation and treatment of work posts and working environment, and comprehensively improve the level of safety risk identification of employees.
At the end of the meeting, chairman Li Yuzhong delivered an important speech on the work safety of the company. The chairman stressed that the work safety is an arduous political task, but also the greatest benefit of the enterprise. There is no small matter in front of the safety. Without the safety, the enterprise cannot survive. Managers and grass-roots employees must establish a high degree of reverence for life and consciously improve the safety awareness 。 In particular, for the "2.28" blasting accident of Hebei Kerr Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2012, we must think hard and regard the accident as a valuable asset, draw inferences from one instance, comprehensively check and fill in the gaps, and implement the concept of "no small matter in safety production" and "safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai" into specific actions. We should respect the system, respect life, standardize all aspects of production and management, ensure the personal safety of employees, and ensure that enterprises operate in accordance with the law.
The meeting made the following requirements for the work safety of the whole company: first, the vice president in charge of work safety should really attach great importance to work safety ideologically, strengthen the awareness of work safety, pay close attention to the safety management of each link, and implement work safety responsibilities at all levels; second, carry out work safety education widely among all employees, and strengthen work safety training Train, ensure to work according to the rules and procedures, increase the investigation and treatment of accident hidden dangers, carry out self inspection and self correction immediately after the meeting, find problems, rectify immediately, further implement control measures, and build a solid foundation for safe production; thirdly, establish a normal working mechanism, improve various preventive measures, pay close attention to the implementation of work, prevent accidents and achieve safety risks Check, discover and rectify early to ensure the continuous and stable safety production situation of the company. Fourth, the management personnel of each production workshop should realize the importance of safety production work from the ideological point of view, strengthen the post skill training of employees, especially the special operation personnel must ensure to keep the certificate for work, the employees should wear the labor protection and protective equipment in time, regularly organize the employees to carry out safety education and training, and do a good job in the training account. Fifthly, the company should adhere to the high standard and do a good job in the investment of safety equipment and facilities. In the future, the company will not cap the investment in R & D and safety and environmental protection funds, strictly guarantee the safety funds according to the actual needs, and resolutely prevent production safety accidents due to the equipment governance and safety hardware failing to meet the standards. Sixthly, the company will regularly invite safety experts to provide on-site guidance, so as to find the existing safety during the inspection For problems such as hidden dangers and nonstandard operation, all subsidiaries and production workshops shall implement and rectify in strict accordance with the rectification opinions and requirements put forward by experts to ensure that the rectification is in place; seventh, strengthen the warehouse management. In order to eliminate hidden dangers and block loopholes, the warehouse shall adopt the combination of regular inspection and regular inspection, and the warehouse inspection shall focus on fire safety to determine the inspection In order to ensure the safety of warehouse and finished products, we should make records, study and solve problems in time and implement them item by item.
All employees should be deeply aware that there are many people behind them who are concerned about their own safety. Their safety is closely related to the hearts of many people. Keeping in mind the concept of safe production and safe life, "go to work happily and come home safely" is their responsibility, and they are looking forward to the best return!