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Belltt Chemical Co., Ltd. organized a training meeting on target and plan management and PDCA method application


On the morning of March 23, belite Chemical Co., Ltd. organized and held a training meeting on target and plan management and PDCA method application. 96 senior managers, heads of departments, workshops and business backbones of the company and its subsidiaries participated in the training.
The training was conducted by Gu Zian, executive vice president of the company. The course focused on the objectives and plan management methods and PDCA application, explained the objectives management overview and implementation, work plan overview and preparation skills, control methods in detail, and analyzed the existing problems and relevant control mechanisms of the nine key works of the company with PDCA method.

At the training meeting, it was proposed that managers should position their roles. Managers are not only learners, innovators, but also trainers, leaders and coaches. Top managers should be strategic, improve management efficiency, reform organizational structure, and create a "spontaneous" working situation; middle managers should be tactical, motivate employees to achieve their goals, and achieve effective supervision and control; grassroots managers should focus on operability and improve execution.
Managers at all levels should have a deep understanding of the significance of goal management and work plan, be good at using resources and methods, adhere to the standards, persevere, adhere to the results oriented, and pursue goals.
The company shall establish an enterprise objective system, and form an effective closed-loop system of planning, execution, inspection and handling in combination with PDCA method, so as to ensure the realization of production and operation objectives.


During the training, Li Yuzhong, chairman of the company, gave important instructions. It is pointed out that all departments and subsidiaries of the company should continue to learn in-depth objectives and plan management and PDCA methods. Focus on the company's annual business objectives and nine key work, discuss and analyze the objectives and work points, and decompose the objectives and work. Refine the annual objectives, break them down by department, project, product and time, and break them down to quarter, month, week and day. Key work shall be arranged, deployed, inspected and implemented in the same way, traffic light management shall be fully implemented and assessment shall be strengthened.
The chairman stressed that managers at all levels of the company should put down their attitude, pay attention to training, be good at learning, learn from the outside, and refuse to build a car behind closed doors. We should be good at finding our own advantages and disadvantages and solving them pertinently. We should learn how to climb the heights by ladder, make efforts by wisdom, go to sea by boat and make transformation by force.
It is required that all members of the company should integrate their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the company, and form a good situation of hierarchical division of responsibilities and active participation of all members. All belite people should aim at the goal, firm their confidence, work hard and make concerted efforts to create a new situation for belite Chemical Co., Ltd.