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The first phase summary and second phase kick-off meeting of Kingdee erp-eas project was successfully concluded


On April 10, with the conclusion of ERP phase I and the start-up meeting of ERP phase II, the work of ERP phase I was officially completed, which opened the curtain of ERP phase II. Under the chairmanship of Liu Chongcheng, Minister of information department, Gu Zian, executive vice president of the company, Gao Xinliang, general manager of Kingdee Ningxia Branch, heads of various departments of Chemical Co., Ltd., main business personnel of functional departments, directors of biotechnology and cyanamide industry workshops attended the meeting.
At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of information department reviewed the construction of phase I ERP project and summarized the deficiencies, as well as proposed the plan and requirements for the construction of phase II ERP project. ERP phase I project has realized mobile work platform, business management and control platform, budget management and control platform, and report management and control platform. The smooth progress of ERP phase I project has laid a good foundation for the development of phase II work. The start of phase II project indicates that the informatization construction of belite will usher in a new chapter.


During the meeting, the heads of all departments and department representatives made a speech on the problems to be solved and the shortcomings in the process of ERP phase I construction and implementation. They affirmed the implementation of phase I project and expressed their full expectation for the construction of phase II project. Liu Chong, director of the information department, records the problems raised by each department and discusses with the Kingdee project implementation team after the meeting to propose solutions.
General Manager Gao of Kingdee software Ningxia Branch summarized the construction process of ERP phase I project, thanked belite Chemical Co., Ltd. for its support and help in the construction process of ERP phase I project, and the cooperation was very happy and complete. At the same time, I hope that the construction cooperation of ERP phase II project is still smooth and happy, and I hope that belite's information construction in the future can Take it to the next level.
At the end of the meeting, Gu Zian, executive vice president of belite Chemical Co., Ltd., summarized the meeting. Mr. Gu said that we have made great progress in the first phase of the project. The second phase of the project should learn from the experience of the first phase, and continue to optimize and improve on the original basis. Strengthen the training for the personnel of the user department, adopt the mode of training first and then online to ensure that the personnel of each department are proficient in using ERP system. Carry out all work in a planned and organized way. The Kingdee project implementation team and all departments should strengthen communication and cooperation with each other. In the process of investigation, they should explain to the Kingdee implementation team what the needs are, how they are realized offline, and how they need to be realized online to ensure the smooth progress of the project. For the new module, the main leaders in charge and workshop directors should attach great importance to it. Workshop directors and workshop directors should select appropriate personnel for training, so as to facilitate the follow-up work.
The first phase summary and second phase kick-off meeting of Kingdee erp-eas project was successfully concluded. Through this meeting, all departments affirmed and supported the first phase of ERP project. With the support and guidance of Kingdee project team, our second phase of ERP will be able to go online smoothly, providing a fast channel for the establishment of information management of the company, and vigorously promoting the process of informatization and digitalization of the company.


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