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Take advantage of intelligence to promote safety management level


-The company invites safety production experts to inspect and guide safety production

In order to deeply learn from the experience and lessons of the "3.21" explosion accident in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, resolutely implement the spirit of relevant instructions and notices of the State Council and the autonomous region on preventing major and major accidents, carrying out safety production inspection, troubleshooting and governance of safety hazards, solidly carry out the troubleshooting and governance of the company's hidden dangers, and strive to improve the company's safety production management level. On April 2, the company specially invited three safety production experts, Zhang Minqing, Professor of the school of chemical engineering of Tianjin University, Li Xiaojun, senior chemical engineer and registered safety engineer of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company of PetroChina, and Liu Yongsheng, senior chemical engineer and registered safety engineer of Ningxia Oriental Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd., to conduct comprehensive investigation and guidance on the safety production of the company. Li Yuzhong, chairman of the company, Zhang Xingyu, vice president, Zhao liming, chief engineer and members of the leading group of the subsidiary company, safety and environment supervision department, production department and other personnel accompanied the inspection.
During the inspection, the expert group shall control the safety production device, automatic control system, emergency equipment, process record and equipment management of the company in accordance with the key guidance catalogue for safety inspection of chemical (dangerous chemicals) enterprises, the judgment standard for major production safety accidents and hidden dangers of chemical and dangerous chemicals production and business units (Trial), and the safety checklist for guidance service of dangerous chemicals enterprises Carry out overall layout inspection in the direction of account management and safety management files, point out existing problems on site, and put forward rectification suggestions and opinions. The expert group pointed out that: the company's leaders at all levels and grass-roots employees have a high sense of safety risk, the plant environment and the spirit of employees are good, and they have a good foundation of safety production management software and hardware, but they need to further optimize and improve in the following aspects. The first is to optimize and improve the automation control level of production equipment; the second is to optimize and improve the form of emergency drill; the third is to optimize and improve safety training and assessment; the fourth is to optimize and improve the details of various documents and statistics.
At the end of the inspection, Li Yuzhong, chairman of the board of directors of the company, thanked the inspection guidance of the expert group and put forward the following requirements for the safety production work of the company: first, to comprehensively improve the safety risk awareness, firmly establish the safety management thought of "no small matter in front of safety" and "safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai", plan all work of safety production as a whole and improve the level of safety production work; second, to strictly Implement the main responsibility of safety production, define the safety red line, strengthen the safety performance assessment, strictly investigate the responsibility, and resolutely implement the "one vote veto" system of safety production; thirdly, firmly carry out the safety inspection activities, clear the inspection focus, ensure the effective rectification of safety hazards, and seriously deal with the repeated problems and hazards; fourthly, continue to carry out the safety training and education work to strengthen To train the post skills of employees, ensure that special operators work with certificates, and ensure that employees at all levels operate according to rules and procedures; fifthly, to increase the investment in safety equipment and automation facilities, the company does not cap the investment in safety funds, strictly guarantee the safety cost according to the actual needs, and resolutely prevent production safety accidents due to equipment management and safety hardware failure to meet the standards; Sixthly, we need to optimize and improve the emergency system, carry out various forms of emergency drill activities, and effectively enhance the emergency response capacity.
Next, the company will strictly implement the requirements of the chairman's instructions, conscientiously implement the suggestions and opinions put forward by the rectification expert group, comprehensively improve the company's safety production management level, continue to carry out external brain expert inspection and rectification activities, and jointly create a good work environment for the company's safety production.