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Wang Wenyu, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and his party came to our company for investigation


On April 20, Wang Wenyu, Secretary of Shizuishan municipal Party committee, made an investigation at beilite Chemical Co., Ltd., accompanied by Chang Jinhong, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and the executive vice mayor of the government, and Li Shaofeng, executive vice mayor of Pingluo County, Shizuishan city.


Li Yuzhong, President of the company, introduced the general situation, development prospects and strategic objectives of the company to Secretary Wang Wenyu and his delegation in detail centering on the company's brand positioning of "safety, green, responsibility and innovation" and combining with the company's core business model of "innovation driven talent introduction strategy, product upgrading coordinated development strategy and industrial development capital introduction strategy" Secretary Wang Wenyu and his party had a detailed understanding of the company's scientific and technological innovation, research and development achievements, production process and product export.
Secretary Wang Wenyu pointed out that belite Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and pilot enterprise of integration of industry and information technology. It is necessary to give full play to the role of scientific research and innovation platform, increase scientific research, research and develop new processes, technologies and products around the main production, accelerate the transformation of achievements, lead the closed-loop development of the whole industrial chain of cyanamide industry, and rapidly improve the added value of products And economic benefits.
Secretary Wang Wenyu fully affirmed the equity incentive mechanism of the company. The equity incentive mechanism is an important means for modern enterprises to build nests and attract talents. It is also the beginning of the diversified strategic development of the enterprise. The Secretary pointed out that the company should play a good role in the equity incentive mechanism and effectively promote the listing process of the company.
Secretary Wang Wenyu pointed out that the new closed-loop development concept of "industrial chain, product chain, supply chain, value chain and ecological chain" put forward by belite has far-reaching significance for building the cyanamide industry ecosystem and promoting the transformation, upgrading and innovation development of the entire cyanamide industry.
Secretary Wang Wenyu stressed that belite should focus on the main business, inspire the spirit, take safety production as the first priority, further accelerate the technological innovation, industrial innovation, product innovation and cultural innovation of enterprises, continue to take the road of technological innovation, enhance the ability to resist changes in the market environment with the improvement of core competitiveness, and strive to develop into an industry benchmark enterprise.
Finally, Li Yuzhong, chairman of the company, made a statement to Wang Wenyu and his party that belite would devote itself to the green production and high-quality development of cyanamide industry, continuously promote the construction of R & D platform, accelerate the improvement of technological innovation system, strengthen the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, continuously improve the level of technological research and development and market competitiveness, and strive to make efforts in intelligent manufacturing, clean production, green factory and research The development platform and information construction play a leading and exemplary role in building belite into a technological platform and talent highland for the high-quality development of cyanamide industry, and make due contributions to the construction of Shizuishan City as the "world cyanamide capital".